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Our story


The story behind our story

In 2011, we worked together as colleagues at one of our former employers.

While Dave and Peter were helping out brands with the realisation of their data driven marketing strategies, we started to notice something curious: customers were stuck in the quicksand of data and assumptions. Not being able to gather, analyse, interpret and apply their marketing data fast and effectively.

Two factors being the driving forces behind this: ongoing exponential growth of data generated, whilst the access to qualified skill to work with these data becoming more and more cumbersome.

Joost was an advisor to Dave and Peter at that time, guiding global leading retailers in their digital transformation process. Key observation Joost did is of a similar kind and was manifested in the increasing demand for easy to operate recommender systems to cater for personalised and targeted consumer offerings at scale.

So after many sessions at the kitchen table, even more affordable diners at Vito (Castricum’s finest Italian restaurant), and the occasional beer and bitterbal’s (Dutch delicacy, you should try it!!) we came to the simple observation: the commonalty in our experiences was that marketing professionals lack the time to think ahead on how to work with their data in order to truly create value to their customers. In order to do so the burden of good services and tooling needed to be removed.

If we could pull this of, in a simple, intuitive and human way, marketeers would truly be liberated.

We call it ConversionMob