We are MobStars

Everything we do contributes to the challenging paradox of all big (e-commerce) companies: keeping the connection with your consumer by putting them at the heart of your digital business.


Our Story

ConversionMob was founded in 2011. We learned that marketers are here to create awesome user experiences around the products and services they advertise. However, turning one user experience for millions into a million user experiences for millions is extremely challenging and time-consuming. They are stuck in the quicksand of data and assumptions. What’s funny is that technology was meant to make all of this easier, but standard practices within digital marketing and data analytics are just not adding up. 

We seek to understand the why behind consumer behavior. We tie this context to big data. 

By making their data simple we help unlock marketers’ creative potential. This starts with our ability to help you uncovering the motivations behind the actions of your customers. With these insights we help you to create a story by linking these motivations to data points, generated from your big data sources. Ultimately we help you creating moments of truth in a personalized customer journey.

Why we’re obsessed with data driven customer centricity? Because we know that when marketers don’t have to worry about this anymore, they can focus at their core strength again: getting creative! This in order to create digital user experiences for their beloved customers in the world of tomorrow. 

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“We have the aim to hand over our services of today to our clients within 24 months after implementation, so we keep focus on solving new challenges for them.”

- Peter Koonen, CEO ConversionMob


We’re proud to be MobStars

We hire for attitude and train for skill: MobStars always go the extra mile, are eager to innovative, love learning new things and value team collaboration and achieving results together. Our talented team provides best in class consultancy services, resulting in highest business impact. And they not only grow your e-commerce business, they’re also (very) fun to work with, love to deliver and never say no to a new challenge. 

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