Liberate your career


Are you ready to liberate and 10X your career?



We liberate marketers

We simplify their marketing data, so they can rise above the day-to-day. Spend some time today, thinking about tomorrow. We help them grow to a more strategic, more meaningful role. By contributing more to their teams and their broader business. 

Yep, that’s our Why! Interested in our quest to liberation? Liberate your career and join us! We are on the look out for A-players that operate like true detectives in a sea of marketing data. We seek professionals that act clear-cut, accurate, meticulous, and make things more simple, natural and human.

Check here our open positions on our marketing intelligence tools and services that helps generate insights, actions and predictions for digital marketeers with the aim to create customer intimacy at mass scale. 


A couple of personality traits you need to check yourself against before contacting ;-)

First of all, we act with Bold Faith. We are bold in our actions and apply original thinking. We imagine the ideal outcome, we act entrepreneurial, like it is our own company.


Automate to Innovate

We invest our time in the highest value tasks of creativity and innovation. We seek every opportunity to automate repetitive tasks.

Speak your Mind

We start with listening, then reflect. We always provide frank feedback that helps people and ideas to grow.

Make things more Simple

We understand before we are being understood, and we aim to make every idea a gift: simple yet powerful. 



We enjoy the Adventure, together

We are curious, we experiment and search out the possibilities in the world together. We bring joy and contagious optimism to work.   

We celebrate Diversity

We believe that our strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities. To grow as individuals we seek and build on each others personalities, knowledge and skill sets.


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