Marketing data made simple


We simplify marketing data. Enabling marketing professionals to rise above the day-to-day by creating them some space: to spend some time today, thinking about tomorrow.



Marketing intelligence services

Being marketers ourselves, we understand it’s a marketers job to create meaningful, personalized, experiences. Being data scientists at the same time, we also know what it takes to have the data piece in place in order to make every experience count at scale. We provide marketing intelligence services that help generate insights, actions and predictions with the aim to create customer intimacy at mass scale. 


Growth Consulting


Align small data methodologies and big data technologies with your business objectives. Fast and value driven.

Data Analytics


Select and manage analytics and reporting tools. Understand customers, market opportunities and operations.

Data Science


Discover the true potential of your data. Work with our expert teams of analysts and data scientists.

Digital Advertising


Data driven campaigns, from strategy to execution. Engage your prospective buyers through relevant messaging.


Meet Finn

Our plug and play marketing intelligence platform delivering actionable insights for your e-commerce marketing.

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Turning your problems into value

We learned that marketing professionals are not really helped when their problems are just solved. Therefore we seek to always create value whilst solving your challenges.

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Digital growth strategy

Boost volumes and revenue through targeted online strategies. From strategy, through roadmap straight into execution.

Katherine Edwards

Advanced analytics adoption

Transform an increasing amount of big data into direct value for your online business.

William Bastien

Data source integration

Ensure your data warehousing solution captures all the essential marketing data sources.

Peter Bastien

Real-time data processing

Make the best decisions fast without getting paralysed by the volumes of real-time data coming in.

Fred Green

Customer segmentation

Increase customer understanding through analysis of your customers encompassing a broader scope of information.

Michael Nelson

Recommendation systems

Make your customers feel valued through personalized and meaningful content and offers.

Gary Yang

Churn prediction

Understand your customers' motivations to predict their behavior, earn their trust and prevent them from churning.

Carlos Williams

Digital advertising

Automate your digital advertising. Let algorithms do the hard work to increase impact and lower costs.